Working together

Will and Kate have wide ranging interests when it comes to music. When a decision was taken to put together a programme of songs for professional recording, it became clear that whilst some works were better recorded as solo items, there was an opportunity for a number of ‘favourites’ to be adapted from original songs into duets which would enable them to sing together.

By chance, Will and Kate were working with the multi award-winning composer and conductor, George Richford and this led to seven new arrangements being commissioned (to date). George writes:

“The opportunity to write specially for two high-achieving young singers is always an exciting prospect – made all the more tantalising in the case of siblings, Will and Kate.

There are obvious similarities in their voices but differences too and this dictated the way in which I arranged pieces for them both. There are numerous canonic elements to the pieces and this provides a perfect opportunity to experience these voices in a kind of musical symmetry. Kate’s voice has a mystery, calm and coolness about it, whilst Will’s voice has a warm and fruity tone and both demonstrate expressiveness and detail. Ying and Yang, you could say!

The repertoire choices also delve into popular music repertoire and the fusion between the classical, chorister training of Will and Kate combined with familiar, popular tunes presented a challenge and a careful balancing act. It has been a pleasure to write for their voices.”

Whilst a number of these new arrangements are now recorded from home, including Were you There? And Somewhere Over the Rainbow, others are being set aside for production in the coming months.